Our mission is to provide sophisticated, high-quality, highly-technical fabrics produced by an environmentally friendly production chain set up to ensure maximum efficiency, speed and accuracy.


Our headquarters in Coldrerio (Switzerland) are the strategic and logistical nerve centre of the entire Group.

The work is carried out by an international team where every member contributes his or her own vision, expertise and professionalism, so as to achieve the best results and ensure the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

Strategic and organisational decisions are taken at our headquarters. Here we choose the localisation of productions, create new collections, coordinate research and development activities and manage the testing of new fabrics. From Switzerland we also coordinate all the logistics, supply chains and customer service activities for the European and Far Eastern markets.


Our corporate roots are in Italy, where we have decades of experience in textile production. Over time we have developed synergies with leading Italian companies in their respective sectors. As a result, we produce a vast range of all-Italian textiles for those seeking the excellence and unparalleled quality of Italian manufacturing. We produce fabrics and complementary textiles tailored to your needs, with a potentially infinite degree of customisation. We follow the entire production cycle ensuring that your requirements are fully met.


The Shanghai branch follows and coordinates all manufacturing processes related to the Asian market through a team specialising in various manufacturing areas (R&D, business development, supply chain and customer service). The Shanghai branch was founded by extraordinary people who have shared the company’s vision since its inception. Shared intentions, common values, and long-standing experience in the textile world make the Chinese team a key element of the continuous improvement of Technow’s work, through people who share the same desire to pursue excellence and innovation.