As the pace of our lives increases, the outdoors is the only way to leave the city behind us and indulge in our passions and hobbies. This need to seek out outdoor spaces and get in touch with nature has begun to bring a new type of customer to the textile industry: people “who live outdoors” and who appreciate the comfort and performance of outdoor clothing.

C-Zero technology is compatible and can be combined with the following finishes:


A treatment that inhibits the proliferation of bacteria on the fabric’s surface, ensuring effective control against bad odours. This finish reduces the frequency with which the fabric needs to be washed. It is ideal for sportswear garments and medical apparel.


A treatment that grants fabrics the ability to keep common mosquitoes and insects away, 24/7. It is ideal in wet and unhealthy environments, reducing the risk of insect bites.


An innovative treatment that inhibits the proliferation of dust mites on the surface of any type of fabric. It is ideal for health-care clothing or for clothing destined for children or people with allergies.

Water resistance is one of the most important requirements for a technical fabric, but unfortunately most water-repellent finishes available today contain fluorocarbons, which release harmful side products: PFOA and PFOS. Technow’s C-Zero project involves a brand new water-repellent finish, manufactured without fluorocarbons, which guarantees the same level of performance as a traditional finish.

C-Zero is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution, allowing the drops of water that rest on the surface of the fabric to be easily shaken off without penetrating into the garment and therefore wetting it.