For the fashion world, we have developed a wide array of fabrics ranging from the classic offering of naturally dyed outerwear fabrics to different printed patterns and through to modern super-opaque or super-glossy fabrics. Equally comprehensive are the weights available, such as lightweight linings, third layers with a more rigid and structured hand, and fabrics made from yarns and featuring special finishes to meet more articulated needs.

Our corporate roots are in Italy, where we have decades of experience in textile production. Over time we have developed synergies with leading Italian companies in their respective sectors. As a result, we produce a vast range of all-Italian textiles for those seeking the excellence and unparalleled quality of Italian manufacturing. We produce fabrics and complementary textiles tailored to your needs, with a potentially infinite degree of customisation. We follow the entire production cycle ensuring that your requirements are fully met.

We also love everything that grants a new lease of life to classic motifs: our fabrics modernise timeless designs with bold colours and macro or micro geometric designs. The only limit to what we can achieve is your imagination! Moreover, our high-tech spirit means we focus on researching and developing highly technical fabrics characterised by special features meeting the most stringent sports and outdoor requirements.

Our collection of technical fabrics features two or three paired layers, breathable microporous membranes, “smart” padding, waterproof and temperature-regulating fabrics available in a wide range of colours, from classic neutral shades to vivid iridescent hues.