Self Adjusting
Self Repairing

We live in an increasingly demanding market that requires ever higher performance from technical products, which is why we have placed research and development at the heart of Technow. Our ambition is to simplify what is difficult and to find high-performing solutions for our customers. With this in mind, we have created our Re-closed™ collection: fabrics designed for down products, with a special surface treatment.

All fabrics that are filled with synthetic feathers or down must be downproof to maintain their filling power and prevent damage over time. Re-closed™ fabrics respond to this need in an efficient way, but also have the ability to self-repair within seconds after the injection of feathers.

How does this fabric treatment work?

With a Re-closed™ finish, you can actually see small holes in the fabric, caused by a needle, disappear completely in a very short space of time. Re-closed™ fabrics also prevent the release of feathers in the event of small holes forming accidentally during the end product’s life cycle.

In the textile sector, research and development is key to achieving very important results in terms of the innovation of technical products. The inherent natural characteristics of yarn, combined with new technologies, have allowed us to develop products boasting excellent performance. Our Re-closed™ collection of nylon and polyester fabrics is obtained my means of an advanced polyurethane coating, applied directly to the surface of the fabric (this finish is not applicable to stretch fabrics and knitwear). Its distinguishing feature is an exceptional response to mechanical stress due to stitching and accidental perforations: the fabric self-repairs within seconds.