We are all aware of how important sustainability and circularity have become in the world of fashion and in our general way of thinking. Giving a new lease of life to waste materials and hazardous plastic waste once dispersed in the environment and in the oceans has become a moral necessity. Through the combination of innovative textures and our technical know-how, we can produce a wide range of fabrics for outdoor and fashionable clothing using recycled yarns. This is an incredible opportunity to promote change and create sustainable textiles.

TOWECO is a project that combines the principles of reuse with care for the environment, since all yarns used for production are made from post-consumer recycled materials.

All fabrics in the TOWECO collection are made using nothing but recycled polyester or post-consumer nylon and are certified under the Global Recycling Standards (GRS). The TOWECO collection focuses on a stylish combination of trendy colours available in different weights and structures to meet every customer need.